Volt anyone? Happy Birthday to me!

I went to Volt for my 30th birthday and had a great time. Our dinner was exciting and new, but also comforting and user friendly–one of the few times a restaurant has actually managed to nail that combination.

Four of us dined: my wife and I, my mom and my dad. Each of us did the 4-course prix fixe for $80. We spent about 2 hours but the time flew by. Our servers were prompt and friendly. I’m a non-drinker so the maitre d’ quickly had the bartender whip up this amazing huckleberry, honey and ginger cocktail for me. I was blown away by the spontaneity of it.

The bread was phenomenal.  I mean, outstanding…as in, some of the best–if not the best–bread I’ve ever had. I hated that they only gave you one piece at a time, and you had to constantly ask the bread guy to return, but that effort probably made me enjoy it even more. There were four options. It was back in October so I can’t remember exactly what those options were. I think one was some sort of a cheese roll (sorry, that’s all I can remember) another a rosemary and thyme infused biscuit. If they had left the entire basket I probably would have eaten 19 of them.

First course for me was a beet salad with goat cheese mousse. I’m going off of memory here. I know there were other ingredients. I think some naval orange and even some coffee powder were included. The flavors were insane and really gave me one of those “holy s***”” moments!

(Note: Someone else made the very wise decision of ordering the blue crab avocado and it was mmmmmm.)

Pork Belly
Pork Belly

Second course for me was pork belly. Some type of beans were included, and a bit of asparagus on top. It was a very safe dish, and also very tasty. The belly was lean with just the right amount of fat and crisp on the outside. It actually looked like a giant sea scallop when it first arrived.

(Note: I made sure that my wife ordered the goat cheese ravioli. Thank God. Wow!)

For my third course, I totally devoured the beef. This was a super trad-dish served with potato gnocchi I think and a few greens. The gravy was ultra savory and definitely had me licking my plate.

(Note: I’m not joking. I actually licked it.)

(Another Note: The lobster over forbidden rice ordered by my dad was the best dish of the entire night.)

Lobster over forbidden rice
Lobster over forbidden rice

Fourth course aka dessert was OK. Nothing to write home about. Never is. I’m a cake and ice cream kind of guy. I don’t like experimental, nitrogenized desserts that feel like space food. I’m sure it was good enough.

(Note: The complimentary crumb coffee cake they sent us home with was actually great, and I ate it up on the way home.)


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