And the results are in…BEST SUSHI

It took me a long time to appreciate sushi.  I had friends who were getting into it back in high school, but I could never eat it.  The mushy textures and odd flavors turned me off, and the fact that you had to eat it with chopsticks only further prevented me from enjoying it.  But alas, slowly I turned.  I really wanted to like the stuff.  It was definitely the cool thing to eat.  Eventually, I started enjoying the practice of eating sushi, and the social benefits as well.  And finally, after a few years of trial, I think I had the first pleasurable experience of my sushi eating career.  Since then it’s been craziness.  As much as I love cheeseburgers, steaks, hot dogs, milkshakes, waffles and tacos, I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced a craving for them quite as strong as I sometimes crave sushi.

So while I have complained about the lack of great restaurants in Annapolis…or, let’s say the ratio of poor restaurants to great ones…this town is filled with excellent sushi options.  And now that I am a sushi connoisseur of sorts, I have learned how to weed out some of the less inspired efforts.  So where should you go?

Well I’ve conducted a poll, and the results are in (all 16 of them) and as I suspected, the people’s champ award goes to Joss Cafe & Sushi Bar in Annapolis.  This little gem has had sushi lovers flocking to Main Street since 1991, it’s been featured on The Best Thing I Ever Ate (Duff loves the fried shrimp heads), and pretty much everyone agrees that in a city with no shortage of great sushi joints, this is the place to hit.

There are others as well: Nano, Tsunami, one reader mentioned Katana.  I can testify that the first two are also great.  I especially love the modern art decor of Nano – and the pineapple fried rice is probably the best I’ve had.  But Joss is the best, no doubt.  Best atmosphere, best green tea (why doesn’t Nano serve this???), best appetizers, and best sushi and sashimi.


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